Project Description

ORCAM – Social inclusion

OrCam, an Israeli start-up company, that invented a new device for assisted vision and facial recognition for the blind or visually impaired or those suffering from dyslexia.

Interacting with the media

  • Press lunches and meetings with leading journalists dealing with technology, health, medicine, social inclusion policies, disability.
  • Arranging television and radio interviews.

Institutions and influencers

  • Lobbying with accreditation of company representatives to leading representatives of Italian politics such as the Hygiene and Health Commission of the Senate and Parliamentary Group for Innovation and Technology.
  • Preparing a joint launch with the Italian Association of the Blind: Unione Italiana Ciechi.

Social responsibility

  • Provide the device to some of the partially sighted in order to promote social inclusion and improve the quality of life.


The PR activity carried out for OrCam saw, within a few weeks, the publication of various services and articles in leading Italian media outlets.

Project Details

Healthcare & Wellness, IT B2B B2C, Social sustainability