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MASSIMO TAFI – Founder and Sole Administrator

30 years experience gained in some of the most important companies, political activity and all-round company strategy. His career began at management level with IBM Italia Communications and then he stepped into the consulting world. He has collaborated with various daily newspapers and magazines and was a university lecturer teaching in several Master’s Degree courses in some of the main universities of Milan; Bicocca, Cattolica, IED.


ELENA RABAGLIO – Co-founder and Client Liaison Manager

Holds a university degree in linguistics and has gained 20 years experience in Professional Business Communications. Core skills are based on Product Communication Management and Business Communication for B2B and B2C companies amalgamating the most traditional press activities, with social networks and special events.


Mediatyche selects people on the basis of strong professional criteria: creativity, writing skills, accuracy, instinct of the news, critical spirit and strategic propensity.
And some qualities: enthusiasm, curiosity, vitality, joy, desire to be in a group. Because you can not work well if you do not have fun.

Enrica Borrelli, Executive Consultant
Enrica Borrelli, Executive Consultant

Milanese, a heart as sweet as a Rum Babà. Wanted to be a ballet dancer, has a real passion for political

communication, but is also a born traveller and has energy to burn. Studied Communication Science in

the State University of Milan, John Cabot University of Rome and the City of London University.

John Cabot University of Rome and the City of London University.

In her “spare time “ she works for Mediatyche on integrated communication projects, press office and

organizing quite a few B2B, B2C and institutional events. She is also a social media manager for




Luca Cigliano, Executive Consultant
Luca Cigliano, Executive Consultant

Holds a Degree in  Science for International Cooperation and has worked

in the world of communication for about 4 years. He obtained a Master’s Deegree in Marketing,

Comunication and Digital Strategy at the Business School of Sole 24 Ore. In Mediatyche, after a couple

of years of experience with an international PR group, he deals with communication

B2B and B2C for ICT companies, travel and food, and entrepreneurial associations. When he is not

covering the role of “Communicator”, he dedicates his time to what he loves most – sport,

cooking and going out with friends, his dream for the future is to live near the sea with a whole lot of




Greta Di Fiore, Junior Consultant
Greta Di Fiore, Junior Consultant

Started with Mediatyche in 2016 as a Junior

Accountant, Greta deals with start-up, company

technology and circular economy. After graduating in Communication

at the State University of Milan, she joined Mediatyche

bringing with her that breath of freshness which is so common among young people

with its creativity, originality and imagination. Her blog and media monitoring, in particular

on the issues concerning sustainability, is a fundamental source of

awareness and comparison for all the staff at Mediatyche.

She adores anything to do with art and has a special passion for photography, video editing and writing.



Deborah Moleri, Senior Consultant
Deborah Moleri, Senior Consultant

University Degree in Humanities/Modern Letters focused on Science and Language

of Communication and Journalism. Had collaborated

with several newspapers before joining Mediatyche in 2012.

Has 12 years experience in communication

B2B and B2C in various sectors (food, green, healthcare and ICT).

A tireless worker, writes articles, bulletins and reports

at the speed of light. Never falls short of a deadline or an event. In her spare time she sets aside

keyboards and telephones to spend some time cooking or taking a few back-swings on golf courses

throughout Italy and abroad.



Giovanna Pandini, Sustainability Communication Consultant
Giovanna Pandini, Sustainability Communication Consultant

Thirty years of experience in communication gained covering

roles of top responsibility in important PR agencies.

Current role is manager of an Entrepreneur Association, and supplies an input to Mediatyche from her

acquired skills on issues regarding sustainability and circular economy. In

particular Giovanna, together with the partners of Mediatyche, paves the way for customer companies

both in the enhancement and the ability of

communicating their sustainability policies and

in drawing up the most effective way to lay down guidelines for

company processes in terms of sustainability.



Laura Sangalli, Chief accountant
Laura Sangalli, Chief accountant

One of the most skilled in Mediatyche when it comes to handling figures.

And, luckily, she knows her subject really well. Nothing escapes her attention.

As precise and strict as her role as manager of the most irksome department of the company requires but

without ever losing her tenderness and smile.

In her spare time, she’s a Mum.

That says it all.



Diana Shendrikova, Executive Consultant
Diana Shendrikova, Executive Consultant

Arrived in sunny Italy seven years ago from the biting, perennial cold of Siberia. Holds a Ph.D.

in History of International Relations, a Master’s Degree in

Company Communication, academically specialized in

International Cooperation, and has a university diploma in

Translation Sciences. Working experience spans several countries including Russia, the United States,

Japan and Italy where she gained a huge experience in research and

development of communication strategies. Adores the theater and cooking and in her spare time, jogging

and travelling.



Thomas Rauscher, Web Marketing Consultant
Thomas Rauscher, Web Marketing Consultant

Graduated in Media and Communication Studies focused on advertising.

First steps taken, in the world of communication, were in the

insurance-financial sector. Later he learned how to apply the techniques acquired in the

pharmaceutical field. In Mediatyche, he deals with digital strategy,

covering diverse areas from advertising, to social media,

right through to digital PR. A great animal lover, he has a

dog, a horse and a cat: what could be called, a small, home-style Milanese farm.



Martina Paola Gambini, Web Marketing Consultant
Martina Paola Gambini, Web Marketing Consultant

Graduated in Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage and

Performance at the Università Cattolica di Milano. Worked

for leading Milan web agencies thus enhancing web marketing skills on a 360- degree scale. Over the last

few years, has collaborated with major national and international brands among which, BMW, MINI,

BMW Motorrad, Martini, Unipol, Pril, Time, Nivea and Danone. Adores cooking and just loves animals.

In 2011, she started up a blog called Tasty Reviews “Recensioni Gustose” on which she still writes.