Project Description

COREVE. Transparent communication

promote the recovery of glass from waste separation by encouraging citizens and institutions to enhance the task in terms of both quantity and quality.

How we go about it:

  • Regular research into how the Italians carry out the task.
  • Research into the awareness of public administration.

Educational campaign for Citizens.

  • TV campaigns
  • Media relations

Tour of informative seminars at PAL (Public Local Administration)

Specific awareness campaign: HoReCa (catering industry)

Sum up of the outcome:  4 years into the advertising and social campaign, the outcome of waste separation has risen by  5-7 percent.

Information for the citizens was managed cross-channel using TV, radio, traditional and digital media and, last but not least, the area where a direct channel was opened with the PA.


Strategic Consulting, Institutional World

Project Details

Institutional world, Strategical consultancy