Project Description

OGURY: The re-volution of Mobile Data

For Ogury, a leading platform in mobile data, Mediatyche developed a press office project to introduce the company to the Italian media stream by defining and developing corporate communications and outlining the positioning of the international company in Italy.

On-field tasks:

  • Introduce Ogury as a leading platform in mobile data on the Italian market.
  • Bringing the skills and governance of Ogury into the limelight in the specialized financial press, vertical press with special focus on Radio and TV.
  • Place Ogury as a leading source of data.
  • Devise a scenario content based on the research of Ogury and its Case Studies.


The outcome:

-More than 100 reports on Ogury, between Radio and TV interviews and appearances, national press and the Web.

-Excellent return in specialized press.

-Positioning Francesca Lerario (Marketing manager Ogury Italia) and Jean Canzoneri (CEO Ogury) as opinion leaders in the digital marketing field.

-Interest shown for Ogury also by leading non-specialized media (e.g RAI Radio Uno, main Italian national TV network).

Project Details