Project Description

COMIECO. Reduce enviromental costs

Comieco is asking to be able to speak directly to the companies who use packaging in order to point out the advantages of cellulose packaging and promote the creation of eco-friendly packaging (less obstruction, less weight, etc.).

Mediatyche’s strategy focuses on the need to create a strong, solid and ongoing relationship with the people in charge of packaging in the companies they are used in, strengthening the role of Comieco.

The establishment of Club Carta e Cartoni

  • Creation of an exclusive Club, including over 200 companies (from Coca Cola to Henkel, Yoox, Conad, Ikea and Leroy) intelligence gathering and training for the companies who use paper and cardboard packaging
  • Creation of a database of the packaging managers of the companies who use packaging
  • Creation of a website open only to the companies involved, rich in exclusive contents
  • Organisation of the Club’s activities: one2one meetings with large companies’ packaging managers in order to understand their needs, market researches about the consumers’ point of view, as well as the companies’ point of view about paper packaging, exclusive dinners with TV guests and famous sociologists, press office, monthly newsletter, etc.
Project Details

Events, Networking PR, PR, Press office, Strategical consultancy, Video Making