Project Description

STS: an all-round engagement with a core of transparency

For STS Medical Group, an international group specialized in manufacturing kits for operating rooms , Mediatyche developed an all-round communication project that can be summed up in several main areas:

  • In-house communication and stakeholders: Mediatyche has drawn up a series of letters for group employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders to explain the consequences of the merger of the two companies in the group and the innovative developments.
  • Press Office and PR: Mediatyche plays a core role in European coordination for all communication and press office tasks, with special attention paid to Germany, Italy, France and the UK
  • Brochures, literature and written texts: to take part in the MEDICA trade fair and to launch the transparency campaign, Mediatyche drew up the written text of the leaflet aimed at the trade fair and the sales force along with those of the STS landing page website.

On-field tasks:

-Defining concept “pact for transparency”.

-Drawing up communication material to back up the trade fair and sales.

-Coordinating European communication.

-Arranging interviews at MEDICA, specialized trade fair for the sector.

Next step: study for the new positioning of STS, as a pioneer of transparency, has already begun. So, over the next few months, an ad hoc communication will be developed.

Project Details

Healthcare & Wellness